Why do I blog? Love.

It’s been a long, long time since my last post. So much has happened and I thought I would be a regular blogger but lo and behold, I am not. Life is busy, time is short, the ‘to-do’ list is long. Therefore regular blogs are prolly not going to be my forte.

I am a regular reader and sometimes lurker to others’ blogs. As soon as I learn how to ‘link’ to them I will add the ones I have bookmarked so you, my public of ghosts, can also enjoy the writings of other bloggers. 

Why do I blog? Well, it started being a lurker, then a commenter on a little blog called: jennyonthespot.com. She is amazing and I am lucky to call her friend. I was reading her blog as a lurker for awhile, being new to the whole blogsphere, when one day I spoke to her about something she wrote about and she encouraged me (to her current disdain I am certain) to comment. It was weird but I finally did. I liked it to my surprise and began the thought process to develop my own blog. But what clenched it was reading one of her love blogs to one of her children. That was the deal for me. 

How beautiful to leave behind words for your children. It’s easier than scrapbooking, quicker too. It will remain forever. They can grow up and read it over and over, or never again as they wish. But it is there for them- for always. A simple way to give them another slice of the never ending love that you have for them. So I decided I would blog and this is my blog.

I will not always write posts for them, but they will always be allowed to read them. It will (hopefully) be another link in our relationships and they will gain insight to there ‘left of center momma’. 

Now I hope to improve my skillz. It shouldn’t be too hard being that I have none. I can’t even find the underline button yet. Join me on this journey, I hope you enjoy some of what I write. Better yet, I hope one day to make you smile!