Day Two

Ok so I didn’t quite get around to blogging my first day of training but it’s day two and I’ll blog ’em both now. S’all good.

Yesterday we, (children and I) walked to and from the bus stop. Doesn’t sound like much eh? Well our bus stop happens to be a 20 min walk from our house. I also walked back one more time then they so that adds up to 60 min of walking! I must also add a note that the first 10-15 minutes of our walk is up a S-T-E-E-P hill. Anyone who has been to our house knows it is really, truly steep. Like the kind where UPS and FedEx say uh-uh we won’t deliver to your house in freezing weather. Why? Because they can’t get their any size truck/van/hemi out-no way, no how. Even the tow truck driver said “I’m not coming down there.” this past winter.

So 60 min of walking for day one sounds purdy dang good to me.

Day two same distance only this amount of time to do it took longer. Why? Because I had multiple children of multiple ages taggin along. And I was pushing a very small, short bike along one direction too. But s’all good. I did the same distance and same hill and even with the added rain, it wasn’t so bad.

My thighs are a bit sore. Perhaps I should stretch…that is and always has been my down fall. Not a regular stretcher-bad news I know. But my hip, she is doing beautiful! No complaints! Ok maybe just one little one today, just a minor intake of breath as a sharp pang of dagger shot through. But it was brief and easily walked right off.

So day two is going, going, gone. I’m done. I’m tired. Funny, I shouldn’t be but after watching four children, I am. Only one regret: forgot again today to weigh myself. Just as a side note-I hope to loose a bit of weight. Only 10-15 lbs but don’t they say the last 10 are the hardest?



Well, it’s time. Time get off me booty and work that hip! Surgery has been – oh my – 4 months ago! I am lazy. Really, I am! L to the AZY! I need to be walking every day, but I am not.

Sure I walk around the house, store, school and what not. Yes I’ve done a couple half hour walks here and there and a 2.2k hike but that is not regular. I need to be regular (in more ways than one and look walking is even good for that!), a regular walker. I will start there. A runner I am not. My beautiful, talented and inspiring friend, Jenny, is a runner. Not just any runner-a marathoner, mini-tri, full-tri and soon Marathon Man runner! She has great stories of her journey at The best part is her inspirations! A runner I am not, but I can be a walker!

So I have decided that if I sign up for some walk-a-thons, then I must train. Voila. If I pay money, then I will follow through. It’s a win-win. My monies will support various charities and my hip will heal and strengthen! Total win-win! BONUS: I will (hopefully) loose a bit of weight while I’m at it. Unlike Jenny, I do not plan on eating a row of Oreos or cake, that is not my thing. I will only be walking so if I need carb loading or post-walk sustenance I will go for something like…oh…I dunno…a bag of Robins Eggs but due to their seasonality, perchance a quarter pan of brownies. That should get me through.

So I am going to be a walker. I do have a long term goal of being a cyclist again. (Note to all, I usually say biker. That does not mean you’ll see me on a Harley, I just say biker more than cyclist. Now you know). There was a time I did not own a car, only my beautiful mountain bike w/ dual mountain/road tread on the tires so I could use it in city or dale. I love that bike! She is my favorite. But alas she is very heavy, (and gone now), so my long term goal is to get moving on my peds, then use my light weight road bike then buy a new beauty for the mountains!!! Oh I am drooling already! I love to bike, love, love, love it! But back to reality, even though I have the go ahead to begin biking now post surgery, I feel wimpy and need to get up to speed.

Back to the walking, that is after all what this post is all about. I will be doing my first walk on May 9 in Silverdale. It’s a mini-walk. Only 3 miles total. But that is a great jumping off point don’t ya think? (that is rhetorical, no need to answer. No need to rub in my whimpy-ness). Thus will begin my walking athletics. I’m very excited and I can hardly wait! Mayhap one day I’ll join the Breast Cancer 3-Day, but that is not necessarily the plan. Could be…one day…could be…

Next step, (hee, hee, I crack even myself up-I know, I know!): new shoes. I bought a pair of running shoes that I have been using for a year now. They are hurting my feet cos they are ‘done’. I’m going to Oregon this weekend and that is on the list. Then next week my ‘training’ commences. Wish me luck, but mostly pray that I stick with it.

My Son and the Easter Bunny

Saturday, April 11 of 2009 my son and I are chillin, watching one of ‘our’ shows and he asks: “Mom, is the Easter Bunny real? Tell me the truth.” (Me:*Gasp!*, *where is the air in this room!*, *The TRUTH??!*) After I learn to breathe again and stop the tear in my eye, I look at him, his face so beautiful, so open and honest, so ready. But I’m not-you are only 9-I’m not. I look again, he is. I still doubt so I ask if he really wants the truth and of course yes, he does-the TRUTH, he has only said ‘tell me the truth’ about five times now in his ‘serious’ voice. Third grade recess talk means this conversation has already happened. He is ready, so I tell him. The. Truth: No sweet prince, the Easter bunny is a fabrication of marketing to get folks to spend money. (Me: *that was too harsh, when will you learn to buffer ?*) But that is not enough of the truth he wants the who and why? It’s us, Dad and I, we do it for the giving, because we love you and it’s fun.

This all sinks in and the reality is now his as well. He tears up, he wanted to believe the myth. He wanted the dream of a fluffy bunny hopping in to give something special along with some chocolate. Me too, even now at 39, I want the dream. I want them all. But truth is good, necessary, wonderful even if it is sometimes painful, hard and long. The sadness is sinking in for him now, but the trick is don’t hold on to it. Let it enter, feel it, then let it go. The sadness is not the point, not the purpose. It is only a tool for our us.

Now he knows, and I hope he finds the new magic in the truth and join in the giving. Because that is what holidays are about: the giving. Will he still receive an Easter Basket full of goodies now? Yes. For as long as he lets me, yes. I will fill his basket with all the love I can give because he is worth it, forever!

I don’t blame you one bit my Love, not one iota as my tears joined yours on that evening. Often the first truths are the most difficult. 

Sweet Child, I love you with all my heart and more. The depth of  love I have for you can only come from God above, because it is not human how much I love you. You bless me to have you in my life. I thank God often for the opportunity to be your mom. 

You are the most special boy I have ever met. You amaze me daily and you are seeking the truth now. It is wonderful! Yet can you wait, just  for a bit? I may not be ready to tell you all the truths this world holds. Not yet. To me you are so young, so innocent, so precious. Yet you are growing. You are asking, which means you are ready. Ask away, my Joy, I will answer. Your wings are unfolding and I know they will be dry soon, then you will fly! This is my hope that you fly on! Only let me fill your Easter Basket for just awhile more.