Tomorrow is my first walk!

Oh! Or should I say ugh! Tomorrow is my first walk for charity/hip exercise! I am really excited about it, but haven’t done any ‘training’ this week at all! Zero. Zip. Nada. Nuthin! So that begs the question-am I ready?

Well thankfully I picked a short start-only 3 miles- so I should be able to manage it. This begs a bigger question- are there any hills like mine? or worse long, gradual ones like Lindvog Road? Those are the ones that kill me! Short and steep got it no worries. Mile(s) of gradual incline and my calves threaten to jump off my legs, stick out their tongues and say ‘how you liking that! you think you can do this to us?’. Yeah, scarry my calves have tongues and talk are that out of shape. I’ll be sure to participate in our Tai Chi warm up before hand and hope, pray, beg for no long, gradual hills.

Mostly I am so excited! I can hardly wait. I should be able to knock this one out in under an hour. That is my goal. If it takes me longer-yikes I am lame going to have to work harder for the next one coming up in July.

Wish me luck, and I’ll hopefully have some time on Sunday to blog about how the day went.

Tomorrows walk is for the Arthritis Foundation, you can see their website at:


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