I walked to church last Sunday. I think it’s about 3 miles, not really sure, but what I do know is I am fat, out of shape and N to EED it! So I got myself up, ready and off I went.

I had on my Ipod and walking to the brisk pace of some rock n roll when I was snuffled! I had my music on loud, very deafening loud so I never heard him coming! Next I knew Shadow, our neighbors wonderful, gigantic shepherd was all snuffling my pack, water, and body. He was excited to see me and began his special way of saying “Hiya! So glad to see YOU! How ya doin? Where ya going? What’s in the pack? Is it for me? Mine? No? Are ya sure?”, all while snuffling. I had to walk him back home so he didn’t follow me all the way to church. Shadow totally would! He has been found far, far away from home before. During the walk he continued with his breathing/breath talking that only dogs can do. It was pretty cool.

Snuffled = Dog breathing, smelling, ‘talking’ to you in an excited greeting.



Sure, this one has probably been used by many before yet this one came to me this early morning when I was in that state of asleep but aware in the early a.m. It is now summer type weather here in Washington and that means it broke 80 degrees yesterday. For us born and bred Washingtonians we melted and withered away into useless piles of goo. But I digress, that is another post…

When the heat strikes, the weeds go just as crazy for the sun as we do! But this means more work. Not only is there now gardening, which can be done year round here in our lovely temperate climte, but now we must add yard work to the list of To-Do’s. And now there is a time limit due to heat in two ways. One- we do not want to be out working in the highest heat and Two-you must finish the job before the weeds bolt. All this was in my mind this morning as I woke and my voice says to me, “You have yardening to do tonite after dinner.”

Yardening= Gardening plus Yard Work. Yardening season is upon us.


Call me crazy, creative. Call me off-my-rocker, odd. But I will only smile. I know what I am and I’m ok with it at long last. Growing up as an odd ball, (I even went to elementary school nick-named Odd Ball Heights), was cool, fun, exciting, outcasting, hard, challanging yet I wouldn’t go back and change any of it. Being ‘different’ is fine. I’ve settled into my skin and am who I am. I’m not saying I can’t change, but just that I’ll change into my own color at my own rhythm.

This catagory: Sheila-isms is part of my oddity. I make up words all the time. My husband has loved me long enough he usually knows exactly what I am communicating. Sometimes they are funny, other times just there.

I’m not claiming I am the only creator of any ‘ism’, you can come up with your own or maybe you have a left of center type of friend and you’ve already been exposed to this form of torture, stupidity, oddity. In any case, this PART is for you to enjoy…