Sure, this one has probably been used by many before yet this one came to me this early morning when I was in that state of asleep but aware in the early a.m. It is now summer type weather here in Washington and that means it broke 80 degrees yesterday. For us born and bred Washingtonians we melted and withered away into useless piles of goo. But I digress, that is another post…

When the heat strikes, the weeds go just as crazy for the sun as we do! But this means more work. Not only is there now gardening, which can be done year round here in our lovely temperate climte, but now we must add yard work to the list of To-Do’s. And now there is a time limit due to heat in two ways. One- we do not want to be out working in the highest heat and Two-you must finish the job before the weeds bolt. All this was in my mind this morning as I woke and my voice says to me, “You have yardening to do tonite after dinner.”

Yardening= Gardening plus Yard Work. Yardening season is upon us.


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