What NOT to do on a sunburn

Last Tuesday my family joined with many other’s at a terrific local beach for the awesome minus tide! We spent half the day there, picnicing, swimming, laughing and something else…burning! I was an excellent parental figure and slathered my brood with gallons plenty of sunscreen. Then did the same for myself. Except one rather large area. My back.

Ok I’ve done this before under the Florida sun, one would think I have learned. Apparently not. Somehow I have no clue I have a back. Not a drop of sunscreen was applied there. The sun had it’s way with me you might say. Here it is four days later, and the burn is just as red and painful as then. I have been diligently nurturing it with lots of healthy, healing creams but last night I made a huge mistake. Big. Instead of slathering on a gob of moisturizer cream with healing ointment I grabbed an enzyme exfoliator. Yes you read that correctly. Ya know the stuff that is to remove dead skin cells. Yes one heaping gob please. No harm, sun burned skin is merely dead skin waiting to sluff off anyway-right. Mercy! The new burning sensation was something to be revered!

Thankfully my sweet husband came to my rescue and helped remove the abundance of the wrong cream. It’s amazing how NOT soft a wash cloth can be. Then he very willingly smeared my newly burned burn with aloevera gel with numbing qualities added. Ahhh…the sweet relief of sleep was excellent!

Now that is Sunburn Care Fail!