Can you see my panty lines?

No, no you can’t.

I know. Yes. I. Do.

You can’t see them because I forgot to pack them in my swim bag this morning! Argh! Call me Reggie today!

(really I’m home now and the problem has been solved)


Depeche Mode took my picture!

Yes they did! I know what you’re thinking: no they di’nt, but it’s true. They did. They totally took a pic of me. ME. Yup. Me. Still not believing it? Fine. Here is the proof:

Go ahead, take a peek, I’m in photo number 22. I’ll wait.

*crickets chirping*.

Did you see me?! How awesome is that! It’s me! Right there! No THERE. Uh-uh in section 110. No the one in the gray t-shirt. Standing. Yup, now you got it!

Depeche Mode took a picture of ME…and 16,000 of my closest friends! Awesome!

Happy Birthday My Joy!

Hey Little One, you are growing so fast, so tall, so beautiful. You make my heart smile and I’ll love you forever and for always because you are my Dear One. You amaze me daily with your spirit and your laughter, which you freely give. I hope you never loose that. Ever.

The more you grow the more I can see your personality come through. You will be strong, independent. No nonsense when needed and full of nonsense when needed, a perfect combo! You can, and will, do anything I have no fear of that! You will have the ability to go far, but may choose to stick close by anyway. Whatever you choose be happy.

You loose track of time easily, get distracted even easier and yet I wouldn’t change that for the world! You are unique and wonderful. Aunt Tanya S. calls you FireBall and yup, you own that.

At your birthday dinner choice of Chuck E. Cheese, you were all caught up in the games and rides that when it was time to leave you burst into a tear filled-“but I haven’t eaten yet!”. All caught up in the excitement and fun, you never stopped to eat. I love how you dive in and just go. No fear, no worry you live life! That is such a treasure to behold! Never loose this, it is a tremendous ability. Thankfully there was pizza a plenty and you polished off three slices in the car on the way home. Hungry indeed you were! Three whole slices! Where do you put it in that tiny little body?

Some of my favorite sayings you do:
Toys For Me instead of Toys ‘R Us
I love you with all my heart

Your favorite songs: Jump Rope and Blue Does by Blue October, Tinkerbell theme, Black Parade by MCR
Your favorite band: The Black Parade, a.k.a My Chemical Romance

I love how you sing-all the time! Never let the song go out in your heart no matter how many times you are asked to STOP SINGING. Never do. Sing on, sing strong! Sing me songs of your own creation or ones you’ve learned. Just sing if it brings joy to your heart. You have a gift here, when you hear a song once, you can sing much of it. You are definitely musically inclined and I love it. I think you do too!

As I watch you grow, I know you are going to be something special because My Joy, you already are! You already are.