I wish my house was clean. Well, it is clean. I should re-phrase that sentence into this:

I wish my house was un-cluttered.

Because it seems that it is always cluttered. And it drives me crazy!

I want to see the carpet in the corners of the room. I want to see my beautiful granite kitchen counter tops. I want that never-ending pile of laundry folded and put away.

Now I am just sounding selfish.

But I do want less clutter.

What I have is chaos. Cluttered chaos. And it weighs me down. My mind feels heavy when I see the clutter. My soul feels squished. My happiness dims a bit.

I want clean, de-cluttered chaos. I dont’ mind the chaos in and of itself. I am insane like that ok with chaos. I think life would be boring without chaos and change. I just I long for less clutter.

It seems we spend a good portion each week cleaning and de-cluttering. Have you shopped at Goodwill lately? You prolly picked up something that used to reside here. Really, we make boxes of Goodwill donations weekly. Yet why does it seem that our house clutter never lessens?

We have even stopped buying everything we see because we are working very hard to get out of debt. (I’ll save those details for another post). So what is wrong with this equation? Less coming in + stuff going out = still have clutter. Huh?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe I only THINK I see clutter.

All I know is that my house is full of too much stuff. I want it full of children. But that would mean more stuff wouldn’t it? Yes I suppose so. At least that would be worth it!

I should just be thankful I don’t have to live in the garage. Eep!


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  1. Dumblond said,

    January 19, 2011 at 9:27 am

    AMEN!! I am also a frequent Goodwill donater (donator?). In fact, I should get my trunk full to Goodwill today.
    Here’s hoping we can both declutter soon!

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