Time crunch

Oh I’m feeling the pressure today. It’s only day 20 of The Blog Dare…what will the pressure be like at 156 days? Guess I’ll find out!

Pressure. Due to a time crunch.

We just had a four day weekend. No school. No plans. No “had to’s”. Just relaxed bliss. Nothing was scheduled so we just left it that way. Un-scheduled. We slept when we wanted, watched lots of movies, went to a birthday party and bowling. It was wonderful!

Then came last night…

L’il k got a stomach bug and proceeded to vomit every hour throughout the night. I didn’t know you could vomit in your sleep, but apparently she can. It was scary and odd. I made her a ‘bed’ on the floor near me so I could keep a close eye on her. It scared both of us. Thankfully, it passed and she slept in this morning and now is feeling so much better! She is a bit loopy and weak though. Her quote today: “I’ve been laying down so long, my head feels sooo big. Like Skippy Jon Jones’ head!” Priceless!

But my time and rest has been taken from me. Not only do I have all the ‘stuff’ that was today’s normal list: make a cake and double batch of cookies, now I get the pleaure of doing a mountain of laundry too. Including two beddings worth. The plus side is I’m not working today. L’il k can’t go back to school yet, (we are big on the 24 hours all clear rule), so that means as the lesser earning spouse, I get to stay home too.

Then the real crunch- this weekend- is coming. I am powerless to stop it. It’s on it’s way and will be here soon.

This particular weekend is, is not our norm.

It is full.

Busy full.

Two birthday parties at the same time, 40 miles away from each other.

A special presentation at church that we REALLY want to go to.


Presentation for church.

Friends coming to visit.

Life Group.

Cake 201 class.

On top of it all I still have to work on coordinating FPU. (the post that will come…I promise!)

So you see. Busy.

Oh yes.

I’m feeling the pressure. Maybe I’m feeling it because of the lack of sleep last night. Or was it the nightmares that accompanies the little sleep I did get…

I think a nap is what is really needed. Sooner rather than later. Naps solve so many things! Yes a nap is now added to the day’s list of “stuff”.



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