Do you really want to be Debt Free?

Now that is a question. Key word is ‘really’. Because everyone wants to be debt free, but so many of us are not living debt free. Some are really living debt free. I want to be like them. I want to be debt free. And I will.


Very soon!

Let me say my disclaimer now, this is a post. This is not a commercial. I have not been paid or endorsed by Dave Ramsey in any way. Below you will find a link to a class that my husband, Grant, and I are leading. It is for Dave Ramsey’s FPU course. Yes there is a fee, but it is for materials that you get to keep. We are not making any money nor is the church from this program. Now back to the blog.

The excitement in our house is palpable! We can taste it! We can see the ‘end’ of our debt. It’s no longer “way out there, we’ll never make it”. It’s right there! If we just stretch one more arm’s length we will be grasping freedom!

How did we do it? Was it easy?

We did it with the help of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Last January we took the class, watched the videos, did our homework and then -oh hear this part because this is KEY- we implemented it. We lived it. We followed it. And you know what? It worked.

I will be honest. It was NOT easy. On so many levels, it was not easy. No. If my husband and I did not love AND like each other, it could have ended us. Easily. But we do love each other and we like to be around each other, (most of the time). So we worked through the harder times. And there were some hard times believe that! But we survived, stayed with the program and now…Oh the joy! True deep down joy! But I am jumping ahead, we’re talking about the not so easy parts.

It is not easy NOT buying ANYTHING. I mean we didn’t go out to eat. We didnt’ go the movies. We didn’t visit the zoo or aquariums that we love so. We didn’t buy any toys, cloths or stuff. We paid the bills, bought groceries and gas. On a very rare occasion we rented a Red Box movie and made popcorn at home. It sucked because we were used to living a lifestyle of buying what we wanted whenever. Going here, going there and just doing things. We still did stuff together, free stuff. Like the park, exercising (bonus there!), family game night. Amazingly it drew us together, closer, happier. How strange no? You would think we’d be bored out of our minds, but we weren’t.

It’s not easy because you have to say “No.” You have to say it to your family. To your friends. You might have to say it a lot. If we didn’t have the cash, we didn’t go to the party or shin dig or what ever was going on. That. Was. Hard. I won’t lie to you. I love my friends and family and I love to party, but putting our freedom first had to be the priority.

It’s not easy because your family won’t get it. You’ll say no, we can’t afford that right now and they’ll think you’re crazy. Off your rocker. They won’t understand. But if you want to be debt free, that has to be the priority, even over the family. But I tell you this, in the end, when you have reached that freedom and you earn the opportunity to say yes again, it will mean something so deep and full of love it will be astounding!

It’s not easy because you can’t buy all the groceries you want. Meat will be eaten less, much less. Pasta, rice, beans and other staples will be the bulk of your shopping trips. You will get bored of eating them over and over again. But look to the result. Look to your freedom! Pray you can afford garlic, cumin and thyme then take another bite. Freedom is coming!

It’s not easy because it will only work if the program is followed. If you don’t do it, you will not achieve debt freedom-ness. Kinda like dieting, if you don’t eat right and exercise, you will not lose any weight.

So yes, it was not easy. But we did it! Almost, again I jump ahead, but yes, we did it! In a few more paydays, the last of the bills will be paid to 0. Zero.

Yes you read that right. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

Excuse me: WOOOHOOOOO!!!

All of our hard work, all of our sacrificing, all of what we said no to, all that we couldn’t have will never again be. We did it once and that was enough to learn us well. No more credit cards. No more loans. No more debt. We will live debt free! The unabashed joy. The deep relief of knowing. Knowing. Knowing! We will be ok when the car breaks down. We’ll be fine when the vacuum cleaner dies. We’re gonna be alright if anything major comes our way. Finances will not add to the stress. The stress will be there, but it won’t be about money.

Money will no longer control us, we will control it.

Ooh. Doesn’t that sound good?

Control money.

No longer will money control us. Yes we’ll still need money, I’m not totally off my rocker peeps, I’m just saying we will be in charge of our financial destiny! We will be in control! And that feels good. Really good.

So I ask, do you REALLY want to be debt free? Because to be debt free requires this:
hard work

It is possible. No matter your level of debt. No matter who you owe or what you owe. There is a tunnel and you can reach the light at the end without the train running you over. It can be done! If you want it, really want it. And I hope you do. I hope your ready to live in the joy of being debt free.

If you are ready to walk toward financial freedom, then maybe you will join us. I hope you will. The walk is long and challenging, but it is so worth it. And that, my friend, is so worth it.

*I am not getting any linky love for the above address. So you’ll have to do the old fashioned cut and paste or type in on your own. Sorry about that.


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  1. Michael said,

    December 9, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Patience, hard work and commitment is what brought our ancestors to this country. Patience, hard work and commitment helped them survive hard times. Today we are told to spend our way to peace and satisfaction. We can all live with less. Congratulations.

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