The “Tired” is winning

I am tired today.

It happens.

I wish I was tired because I had just swam the English Channel. Or tired because I won the lottery and just finished paying off all my families bills, bought new cars and went on a shopping trip extraordinaire! Or even tired because my child was up all night and needed me.

But no. Those are not why I am tired.

I am tired because of another stupid migraine.

Sometimes, they win.

And I lose sleep.


The pillow feels like a spiked brick on a slab of concrete that is burning in the hottest sun.

There is not much sleep when it feels that way.

Two nights in a row of little sleep and no rest make for a tired Sheila girl.

I would like to take a nap. But then I fear I won’t sleep tonite again, because the nap will be napped for too long and when bed time rolls around, I won’t be tired.

Oh. The. Irony.

But in the end, I win. The migraine is gone once again and I have me back.

Tonite I will sleep.

I will sleep very well.

For a long, peaceful time.

Unless one of my childs needs me.

But that is a tired worth it.


Is today my Directorial Debut?

So I’m off to Seattle to see my amazing, wonderful and BEAUTIFUL friend, Tanya!

Tanya is thinking of entering a contest and needs some help making the video. None of her friends are very techy…including me. But I do watch Leo Laporte, own a MAC, a Kodak EZ Share and Kodak Zi6. Plus I’m married to a annoyingly wonderfully techy guy! So I think we’re set!

We’re gonna give it a go!

Wish me luck….I’m prolly gonna need it, lol!

It really is the little things

Last week we had lots of ice and frost. Lots. It was cold. This week we are back to our usual ‘wet’ of plain rain. But I’m quite sure the ice and frost is not finished with us just yet.

With an icy windshield and no ice scraper, I had to get creative with how to clear it off so I could see to drive AND not miss the bus. This is what I used:

It worked. Not great, but it got the job done and we made it to the bus stop. Barely. If our stop did not have a turn around, we most definitely would have missed our bus.

Then, yesterday I was blessed! Such a small thing, but so HUGE to me. My wonderful friend Karen gave me this:

Isn’t she a beauty!

A real ice-scraper! But not just any ice-scraper, an ice-scraper DELUX! My hands will be warm and cozy in this mittened scraper! And we’ll be able to scrape so much quicker now!

No worries-I won’t hold your jealousy against you. Honestly who could blame you. With her snowflake, mittened beauty, she’s hard not to resist!

Such a little thing really. So simple. So silly. So needed. So happy.

An ice scraper brings me such joy? Oh, but it does.

So Lovely Winter, bring me your icy frostyness. Thanks to wonderful friends like my Karen-I’m ready!


Oh it’s that time of year again. It comes every year about this time, yet I really never get used to it.

Tonite we take down the Christmas decorations.

It’s not so bad really. With all four of us working together we can get it done in about two hours. But it’s just not as joyous as decorating. It actually makes me kinda sad every year. Christmas is my most favorite holiday! The anticipation I have every year leading up to it is palpable! I don’t like the feeling of ‘it’s over’. Everything goes back into their boxes for 10 1/2 months, the carols are ‘inappropriate’ to listen to, the lights are turned off. The smiles of wonder and delight lessen, those I REALLY miss. Yes they still come through out the year, but not as often or with as much ease.

I think what I miss the most is the joy on folks faces. Knowing them well or not knowing them one bit, the joy is there and you can feel it! I love that the most! It’s a special thing, joy is. If I could have one wish it would be that the joy would be more regular. Things are tough, times are hard, I know. But joy could still be there somewhere. Couldn’t it?

But alas, we cannot live each day decorated for Christmas. If we did, I’m quite sure some of those special things would lose their special-ness, gather dust and be less noticed. So yes Christmas should only come once a year and remain that special, wonderful, magical thing it is.

At least the sadness goes away and doesn’t run deep.

Tonite we de-decorate.

Am I crazy?

Well honestly, we all knew the answer to that, didn’t we. Didn’t we?

I guess we’ll just have to say I’m crazier now. I am going to attempt “The Blog Dare” from BloggyMoms– a challenge to write AND post 365 blogs in 2011. That is one a day for my fellow non-math types. *gasp!* One a day!

I. Know.

I. Don’t. Know.

But. I. Will.

Gonna give this a go. Cos I am now crazier.

This will be fun, challenging, interesting and who know’s all else.

I may fail. You’ll forgive me I hope.

There is hope. There is help. Not only does Bloggy Mom’s have prompts to help and my friend has a blog. A great blog. She’s a long time blogger and has done the 365 challenge before. (Odd, she is not re-signing up this year. Hmm…should I learn from that?) But back to her, she has begun her own little thing for this year. It’s called Project We. Great ideas for blogging through the 52 weeks this year. Goal is 2-3 posts a week. (Sounds much more reasonable doesn’t it.) She has posted topic ideas and has invited everyone to find a ‘We’ and join her. The ‘We’ is with her own daughter who also has been bitten by the blog bug. I think they will not fail. And I do plan on using their idea list if needed. So thanks: for the help that I am sure to use!

Today is day one. My success has begun!

A Name Change

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog. Not that I haven’t had any ideas or funny things to share. Mostly it’s cos I’m moody. And fickle. And lazy. Yes it’s all true. I apologize my public of a handful, my intentions were not to keep you in suspense this long.

Why a name change? That is a a double whammy-I know. Again I am sorry. You will have to re-bookmark me. (It’s ok, I know you really hadn’t done that yet anyway, I still love you). Here is the thing, when I started my blog I made a mistake during the set up phase. You need to remember my awesome technological skillz people-they are astounding in ways you can not even imagine! So during the set up phase I did not name my blog, wordpress filled that in for me. I did not know how to change it to what I wanted. In all honesty I really didn’t have a ‘for sure’ name yet anyway. So I left it as it was. Time passed. I tried to learn where to change it, but without a true blog name, I wasn’t very thorough or motivated. More time passes.

At a wonderful and wonderfully deserved scrapbook retreat ‘the name’ hit me! I spoke it out loud and it struck back into my head. Like a ringing bell and clanging symbol, it stuck. I let it settle upon for awhile to see if it was right. Usually when one hears bells and symbols, they know. Me I like to double check, read stubborn. Well it’s been quite a bit more time and the name is still stuck, deep and it fits. I have found many levels in that depth, but have no fear some of those levels are very shallow.

I welcome you to my blog with it’s new, fitting name: Waiting For the Ink To Dry.

Let the journey begin…

Happy Birthday My Joy!

Hey Little One, you are growing so fast, so tall, so beautiful. You make my heart smile and I’ll love you forever and for always because you are my Dear One. You amaze me daily with your spirit and your laughter, which you freely give. I hope you never loose that. Ever.

The more you grow the more I can see your personality come through. You will be strong, independent. No nonsense when needed and full of nonsense when needed, a perfect combo! You can, and will, do anything I have no fear of that! You will have the ability to go far, but may choose to stick close by anyway. Whatever you choose be happy.

You loose track of time easily, get distracted even easier and yet I wouldn’t change that for the world! You are unique and wonderful. Aunt Tanya S. calls you FireBall and yup, you own that.

At your birthday dinner choice of Chuck E. Cheese, you were all caught up in the games and rides that when it was time to leave you burst into a tear filled-“but I haven’t eaten yet!”. All caught up in the excitement and fun, you never stopped to eat. I love how you dive in and just go. No fear, no worry you live life! That is such a treasure to behold! Never loose this, it is a tremendous ability. Thankfully there was pizza a plenty and you polished off three slices in the car on the way home. Hungry indeed you were! Three whole slices! Where do you put it in that tiny little body?

Some of my favorite sayings you do:
Toys For Me instead of Toys ‘R Us
I love you with all my heart

Your favorite songs: Jump Rope and Blue Does by Blue October, Tinkerbell theme, Black Parade by MCR
Your favorite band: The Black Parade, a.k.a My Chemical Romance

I love how you sing-all the time! Never let the song go out in your heart no matter how many times you are asked to STOP SINGING. Never do. Sing on, sing strong! Sing me songs of your own creation or ones you’ve learned. Just sing if it brings joy to your heart. You have a gift here, when you hear a song once, you can sing much of it. You are definitely musically inclined and I love it. I think you do too!

As I watch you grow, I know you are going to be something special because My Joy, you already are! You already are.