Today is What You Should Know Wednesday and you, my lovely peeps, are getting a bonus! A two-fer if you will. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat, so lets not keep you waiting!

First of all What You Should Know Wednesday will now be titled WYSKW- __________. It’s such a long category title, I can’t fit in everything I want to. After the dash I’ll type the subject of said post. Now you will be able to see what topic WYSKW will be about and decide if you want to read the post for that week.

I’m all about freedom of choice like that.

You’re welcome.

Secondly for today’s WYSKW- Uploading photos to a website for pick up at the local store takes a long, long, long, (did I get the point across), time.

It just takes so long.

Have you done this? Uploaded pictures to be printed? Did it take you forever too?

Oh my good golly! It took me four hours to complete the process. FOUR hours!

And I’m not even done yet-gah!

I’m preparing for a scrap weekend get a-way. So I need about four years worth of photos. That FOUR hours was for two years worth pics. Only TWO, I have two more years to go. Eep!

Why four years? Because that is how many I did at the last retreat. Four years worth of pictures. In three days.

I know.

Bow down before me.

I amaze even myself.

But uploading takes a long time. So when you are uploading, keep a good book handy. It’ll help pass the long, long, long time.


What You Should Know Wednesday

This is my newest category: What you should know Wednesday.


Now for my disclaimer.

This category will include information, facts and my opinion. There is no requirement for you to agree with any of them.

This category may include subjects you don’t care about or ones that might make you uncomfortable. Try to understand that I am hoping to raise awareness on issues that are, in my opinion, worthy to be noted. On other days, it may be something completely nonsensical.

Somedays, I’ll write to make us laugh. Others I’ll write to increase our health or the environment. Then for others- who knows what I’ll pop in here.

So read What You Should Know Wednesday with a grain of salt. Take what you will from it and leave the rest behind.

For this Wednesday, that is what you should know.

What you should know Wednesday

I admit it, I’m ‘new’ to blogging. Sure I started about a year or two ago, but I haven’t been a regular blogger. That is one of the reasons I joined The Blog Dare.

Real bloggers have all these witty, named categories. Some are weekly topics even. In an effort to be more of a regular blogger I have now come up with my own weekly category.

*drum roll*

“What You Should Know Wednesday”

Today is the first post in my brand new catagory! Wooohoo!

So lets talk Parabens and what you should know about them.

Did you know I’m a Greenie?

I am a conscious consumer, an eco-supporter, recycler, organic as I can be and actually hold a degree in Environmental Technology.

Well at least I try to be all those things. It’s hard, lets face it-being green takes green. As in cash, l’argent, dinero-money. It can take a lot or a little, depending on what you are trying to green up.

But lets start small. A simple change. Hopefully an easy one. One that won’t ding the wallet too deeply. Detoxing our homes one step at a time. One bottle at a time.

Lets get rid of Parabens.

What are they? Simply put they are a chemical additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

What are they in? Toothpaste, makeup, moisturizers, shampoos, sunscreens and (dare I say) personal lubricants.

Why are they not so good? Here’s where it gets tricky. Studies have not linked parabens to breast cancer (who funded the study?). Yet they are found in breast tumors. Some experts say there IS a link.


Why chance it? Who really wants breast cancer? Is it worth it in the long run?

I say nope. It’s not. Bye-bye parabens.

Although, I did (do) use up the remaining bottle of shampoo or what have you before I switched. Let’s face it, it was already in the house and I’m not one to just toss stuff and be wasteful. But when they are empty I try to replace the product with a healthier version.

You should know that parabens also go by the names: methylparaben and butylparaben. Just take a quick peek at the ingredients on the bottle before you buy it. If you see it, then keep looking. There are alternatives out there. Some manufacturers are offering paraben-free alternatives does that mean the studies are true? for those who are no longer wanting to take the chance.

Weleda is one of my favorites for skin care! They have a huge selection of skin and baby care in so many yummy flavors! Ok you’re not supposed to eat the product, but your skin will! I switched to Weleda about a year ago, and so many friends and family have commented on how beautiful my skin looks! I am very happy with them!

Beauty Without Cruelty is another option! They have many wonderful products for skin, baby, cosmetics and even hair care!

There are so many more companies to choose from but I haven’t had a chance to try them out. Only the two above so I feel they are the only ones I can chat about at this time. Do you have a favorite? Will you share?

Go out there and choose. Be Healthy. Be Safe. Be Beautiful!

*I did not take any endorsement, gifts or cash for this post.