Almost failed already

I totally forgot.

I forgot that not only was I supposed to do make write a post today…

…but I also forgot that I even HAVE a blog.

Day 15 and I almost forgot.

Almost an oops.


This totally counts.





It’s De-Lurking Day!

I didn’t know that today is De-Lurking Day. I didn’t even KNOW there was such a day.

I used to be a lurker. Big time. I would read and read and read. For hours. Other blogs and the links in those blogs to other blogs. Really I could spend hours lurking on the interweb, and I did. This was me:

Ok maybe that’s not quite me. But I was still a lurker.

Back in the beginning of my blog awarenessing, I had no idea what in the world a lurker was. I didn’t know I was a lurker myself! Until I had a chat with Jenny On the Spot. I do believe she called me *gasp!* ‘a lurker’. I was all *blink, blink* Whu? It sounded so dirty. So naughty. I was appalled that she though I had done something as gutterish as this. How do I fix it? How can I make it better?

Then she was very kind to explain to me the definition of a lurker.

And for you my five blog peeps, Lurker as defined by Dictionary is:

lurker |ˈlərkər|
one who lurks, in particular a user of an Internet chat room or newsgroup who does not participate.

*the relief*

She didn’t think I was a nasty sort after all. I was simply a lurker. Whew!

Well I grew in the interwebs, learned a few things like how to un-lurk myself register, and left my lurking days behind me. I am now a commenter of blogs and a blogger of my own.

If you’re a lurker, it’s still cool with me. There are ways to check the blog ‘views’ but take heart, I have no idea how to do that. (See another thing to add to my ‘Do‘ list.) Even when I do figure out how to find all that, I won’t mind if you’re my lurker. Not one iota. Lurk away my friend, s’all good.

But if you’re thinking of leaving your lurking days behind you, maybe today is a good day to give it a try. It is De-Lurking Day afterall. Perfect!

The Blog Dare

So far I’ve been doing good with The Blog Dare. If you can call 13 posts in as many days good. But how many does that leave?

Lots, I know.

There is so much to learn. I have so much to learn. And I’m insane busy. I just found out how busy I really am when a friend asked me what all it is that I do. Being the list-lover that I am, and since this conversation was through email, I listed everything I am currently doing. Whoa! I had no idea all that I do! The list wasn’t necessarily a mile a long, but it was involved. Not with little things either. Pretty much everything on that list is BIG. Time consuming. Involved.





Even so, I don’t mind it much. Except when I do. I seem to be getting through it all and besides three of the bigger things have an end date. Rationalizing there is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Even with ‘ends’ in sight, I sign up for more. I add more ‘do’ than ‘not do’ to my list. Hmmm…I’m seeing a pattern…am I the only one who is insane ‘do’-ing that?…

I digress…The Blog Dare is what I am ‘do’-ing now. Learning how to do it better and finish. With out further adieu here is what I need to learn in, list form, to finish this ‘do’:

Linky Love: I’m not very good at and need to improve this.

Buttons: No clue how to get them on my blog. There should be a button that The Blog Dare made especially for the challenge on my posts…do you see it? Me either…

Learn how to add Bullet points to my blog for my love of lists.

Fixing my url: Trying and keep trying. No success yet.

Updating my blog look: I just picked the first green one I saw, but now want to ‘do’ more with it.

Reading the 127 other bloggers that are also insane part of The Blog Dare.

Come up with ‘funner’ (I like that non-word very much) topics.

Learning how to really use my laptop: I know so little about short cut buttons and what nots. When it comes to technology I live in the Triassic Period!

Figure what else I need to add to this list. I’m certain there is much more…it is technology after all…

The Blog Dare is upon us me. I will attempt my best and learn all that I can about the above list. Hopefully in the forever away from now end I will have had fun, enjoyed the journey and made new friends along the way.

What You Should Know Wednesday

This is my newest category: What you should know Wednesday.


Now for my disclaimer.

This category will include information, facts and my opinion. There is no requirement for you to agree with any of them.

This category may include subjects you don’t care about or ones that might make you uncomfortable. Try to understand that I am hoping to raise awareness on issues that are, in my opinion, worthy to be noted. On other days, it may be something completely nonsensical.

Somedays, I’ll write to make us laugh. Others I’ll write to increase our health or the environment. Then for others- who knows what I’ll pop in here.

So read What You Should Know Wednesday with a grain of salt. Take what you will from it and leave the rest behind.

For this Wednesday, that is what you should know.


Today is an exciting day!

Kiwi has learned to whistle! The happiness is palpable. All that practicing has finally paid off.

This morning while waking up, she lay there trying and trying. All of the sudden-voila!- a sweet shrill sound was produced. The joy!

Girlfriend Time

I have amazing friends.

They are awesome!

Some are guys. I love hangin with ‘the boys’. I grew up a ‘Tom Boy’ and it’s good to remember your roots. But I have to say, the best times are with my girls! This post is not about the boys, it’s about the girls!

There is nothing like a girlfriend. Nothing.

Girlfriends are the best of times and the worst of times.

Few can forgive and be forgiven as girlfriends can.

Girlfriends can lift you up with a smile, giggle, a wink of the eye. A laugh, a hug. By just ‘being there’ and saying nothing at all.

All friends are important and you should have a handful. Of all kinds. But if you are a girl, get a girlfriend. Or two. Or three. Let’s not be juvenile here, you know I mean a close, trusted, true, treasured friend.

You will be filled, blessed and more. So much more.

Girlfriends are there when you need a shoulder. There when you need to ‘vent’. There when you need a laugh and, maybe the most important reason of all, they are there when you need to dance!

I am one lucky gal, I have many girlfriends. Many. So many I need more than two hands to count them on! I also have a few that are the best-est of best. The ones I trust with my every dark secret, my odd-ness, my life. A rare thing to have someone to cherish that cherishes you right back! I wish it were not so rare, but then, perhaps that is the point…

I bumped into one of my girlfriends the other day on the ferry. We both had been to Seattle for some ‘girl-time’ and happened to be on the boat home together. We chatted about our days and got to talking about the importance of getting that ‘girl-time’ in. She told me something that I thought was perfection. A counselor she knew always gave this bit of advice…to husbands:

“Girls need their Girlfriend Time. Give it to them.”

Wise. Very wise indeed.

That counselor was a man. A smart man. He got it. Actually, he said he didn’t get it, but he knew it worked and that it was important. He is so right. I’m telling ya, a wise man, that one.

Give it to us, our Girl-Time.

Last Saturday, I got a WHOLE DAY of Girl-Time! I woke up and almost skipped my run to get over to her. (I didn’t. The run is important too.) I got on a later ferry than I had planned but I got there. And when I did, it was wonderful! So wonderful in fact, I am still smiling my big goofy smile and am filled to my soul two days later!

What was so wonderful, I ask myself? Everything!

We talked and talked about everything and nothing. We laughed. We ate the longest dinner in history. We shopped without buying much. We just were.


Her and I.

We don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. I live here. She lives there. We each have full and busy lives. It’s not far, but there is a ferry ride involved. So we must make a concerted effort to spend some time together.

She is a joy. I love her to the ends of the earth and back again. She makes me happy and I make her go dancing with me. (Which she totally loves. Really.) We make each other giggle to the point of peeing our pants! She is beauty walking. She is amazing, kind and wonderful. Spending time with her makes my soul happy.

Sound too mushy? Yup. Do I care? Nope.

For some reason, we girls need all that and more. We need our Girlfriend Time. It’s important and necessary. It centers us, balances us, restores us.

Girl Time. It works.

Be wise, like the counselor. Give us our Girlfriend Time.

The “Tired” is winning

I am tired today.

It happens.

I wish I was tired because I had just swam the English Channel. Or tired because I won the lottery and just finished paying off all my families bills, bought new cars and went on a shopping trip extraordinaire! Or even tired because my child was up all night and needed me.

But no. Those are not why I am tired.

I am tired because of another stupid migraine.

Sometimes, they win.

And I lose sleep.


The pillow feels like a spiked brick on a slab of concrete that is burning in the hottest sun.

There is not much sleep when it feels that way.

Two nights in a row of little sleep and no rest make for a tired Sheila girl.

I would like to take a nap. But then I fear I won’t sleep tonite again, because the nap will be napped for too long and when bed time rolls around, I won’t be tired.

Oh. The. Irony.

But in the end, I win. The migraine is gone once again and I have me back.

Tonite I will sleep.

I will sleep very well.

For a long, peaceful time.

Unless one of my childs needs me.

But that is a tired worth it.

Is today my Directorial Debut?

So I’m off to Seattle to see my amazing, wonderful and BEAUTIFUL friend, Tanya!

Tanya is thinking of entering a contest and needs some help making the video. None of her friends are very techy…including me. But I do watch Leo Laporte, own a MAC, a Kodak EZ Share and Kodak Zi6. Plus I’m married to a annoyingly wonderfully techy guy! So I think we’re set!

We’re gonna give it a go!

Wish me luck….I’m prolly gonna need it, lol!


Today is Friday. Most folks are Facebooking TGIF and the like. I have a secret…it’s not really so secret…my friends will not be shocked by this…

Friday is not my favorite day of the week.

TGIF is not my ‘thing’.

I do have a favorite day of the week though.

Are you ready for this?

My favorite day of the week is…


Oh yes.




I love Mondays! I wake up every Monday with a smile on my face. Ok, I pretty much wake up everyday with a smile on my face. On Mondays the smile is a bit brighter, a bit bigger.

Weird I know.

I don’t know why it’s my favorite day of the week. Could it be that I long for the structure of a routine in my otherwise chaotic life? Is it that I know what the day holds? That after a long weekend everyone knows what is expected and what will be done? Is it that I’ll be going out of the house to see folks and hear about their weekends?

Probably bits and pieces of all that are why I love Mondays so much. Yet…

…somehow…it goes deeper.

Mondays go to my soul. They feel like a warm blanket on a cold night. Like that first bite of chocolate. Like a hug from a good friend. Mondays feel like home!

Maybe I do know why I love Mondays after all.

Not to put down Fridays. I do love them too. They are filled with wonderful activities, friends and family. It marks the end of another work week and signals a time to play. But Friday does not grab me like a Monday. Mondays are special.

Sure I will join in the occasional TGIF. And when Monday finally arrives I will definitely join TGIM!

It really is the little things

Last week we had lots of ice and frost. Lots. It was cold. This week we are back to our usual ‘wet’ of plain rain. But I’m quite sure the ice and frost is not finished with us just yet.

With an icy windshield and no ice scraper, I had to get creative with how to clear it off so I could see to drive AND not miss the bus. This is what I used:

It worked. Not great, but it got the job done and we made it to the bus stop. Barely. If our stop did not have a turn around, we most definitely would have missed our bus.

Then, yesterday I was blessed! Such a small thing, but so HUGE to me. My wonderful friend Karen gave me this:

Isn’t she a beauty!

A real ice-scraper! But not just any ice-scraper, an ice-scraper DELUX! My hands will be warm and cozy in this mittened scraper! And we’ll be able to scrape so much quicker now!

No worries-I won’t hold your jealousy against you. Honestly who could blame you. With her snowflake, mittened beauty, she’s hard not to resist!

Such a little thing really. So simple. So silly. So needed. So happy.

An ice scraper brings me such joy? Oh, but it does.

So Lovely Winter, bring me your icy frostyness. Thanks to wonderful friends like my Karen-I’m ready!

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