Almost failed already

I totally forgot.

I forgot that not only was I supposed to do make write a post today…

…but I also forgot that I even HAVE a blog.

Day 15 and I almost forgot.

Almost an oops.


This totally counts.





It’s De-Lurking Day!

I didn’t know that today is De-Lurking Day. I didn’t even KNOW there was such a day.

I used to be a lurker. Big time. I would read and read and read. For hours. Other blogs and the links in those blogs to other blogs. Really I could spend hours lurking on the interweb, and I did. This was me:

Ok maybe that’s not quite me. But I was still a lurker.

Back in the beginning of my blog awarenessing, I had no idea what in the world a lurker was. I didn’t know I was a lurker myself! Until I had a chat with Jenny On the Spot. I do believe she called me *gasp!* ‘a lurker’. I was all *blink, blink* Whu? It sounded so dirty. So naughty. I was appalled that she though I had done something as gutterish as this. How do I fix it? How can I make it better?

Then she was very kind to explain to me the definition of a lurker.

And for you my five blog peeps, Lurker as defined by Dictionary is:

lurker |ˈlərkər|
one who lurks, in particular a user of an Internet chat room or newsgroup who does not participate.

*the relief*

She didn’t think I was a nasty sort after all. I was simply a lurker. Whew!

Well I grew in the interwebs, learned a few things like how to un-lurk myself register, and left my lurking days behind me. I am now a commenter of blogs and a blogger of my own.

If you’re a lurker, it’s still cool with me. There are ways to check the blog ‘views’ but take heart, I have no idea how to do that. (See another thing to add to my ‘Do‘ list.) Even when I do figure out how to find all that, I won’t mind if you’re my lurker. Not one iota. Lurk away my friend, s’all good.

But if you’re thinking of leaving your lurking days behind you, maybe today is a good day to give it a try. It is De-Lurking Day afterall. Perfect!

My Ice Scraper Broke, now what do I use?

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You’ve probably heard about our wet climate. What you have heard is true, very true. It’s wet up here. Mostly. all. the. time. Mostly.

If it’s not the rain keeping us wet, it’s the fog or the mist or even the occasional snow.

Lately we’ve been having a form of ‘wet’ that is a love/hate for me.



I love the beauty it gives covering everything in a fine blanket of white. I love the crystals it forms on the pond. I love the icicles hanging from the eaves.

I hate driving on it. Especially when it’s black. I hate the necessity to take the extra 10 minutes to defrost and scrape the car windows before we can leave.

And scraping the windows is a challenge when your ice scraper breaks. Like mine. Yes there are choices: credit cards, stiff paper, etc. None of which work as well as a true ice scraper. Since I don’t have any credit cards and the paper only works for so many scrapes, I chose this:

Yes, being the awesome cook I am, I used my spatula for an ice scraper. It’s my temporary “Ice-Spatula” until I can remember to buy a new real ice scraper.

Yet another cause of wrinkles-apparently

While driving into town the other day, we got stuck behind one of those little MJB cars. An older one that was burning oil in the worst way. Being Northwesterners on a sunny day, we had the windows rolled down enjoying the last of warm breezes. Our car filled with that yummy awful burnt oil smell. As the odor engulfed the interior, my youngest made a comment that made me laugh out loud. Would I have been drinking any milk, it may have drizzled out my nose. This is the comment:

“Ugh! That smell! That car is so stinky it is make my face wrinkle!”

I love that!

Can you see my panty lines?

No, no you can’t.

I know. Yes. I. Do.

You can’t see them because I forgot to pack them in my swim bag this morning! Argh! Call me Reggie today!

(really I’m home now and the problem has been solved)